Quick Fly By

I'm just checking in really quick before I get myself ready for work. The transition to waking up early for work has been tough and I'm feeling very tired today. Thankfully today is my shorter day so that is a plus.

Day One of prescription training went well as I expected it to. I've got a lot of great support on this shift and with these trainers. We had to shift trainers a bit so I am with Stacie again and we get along really well. Both Stacie and Rosa are very supportive and want both me and my trainee partner Pam to make it. That is very encouraging and helpful. So we will both continue to do our best.

I have to show that I can do well and do it consistantly. So I hope to build on yesterday making today just as good as well as Saturday too.

I don't have much in the way for weekend plans but I am making some “walking dates” so I can meet up with people for activity and chatting. My food has been pretty terrible lately so I need to re-focus and get that back into check. No tracking = BIG trouble for Lindsay.

Sorry I have been MIA. Just feeling a bit busy with the new work hours and the early wake up call.

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