Today Is A New Day

When I posted last week that I was On Track And Feeling Good, you can tell it was right after my WW meeting. I usually feel more energy to eat healthy and exercise after my WW meeting. It is such a great dose of motivation. I'm looking forward to my Tuesday meeting tomorrow morning. I know I don't have to wait until Tuesday morning to start making better eating choices but I seem to continue to miss the memo.

I hear a lot of people say, “your job is stressful” and it is stressful but I'm not sure that is the culprit of what I expect to be another gain this week. My food tracking dropped off early last week. I was eating out often and not counting the PPVs since it doesn't really count unless you track it. Since what you eat doesn't really count if you don't write it down, I was having dessert each day. I was also going really far overboard on the meals out I was eating. It is easy to see the downward spiral and how quickly once falls back into old habits.

Knowing I was going into this downward spiral didn't seem to make me re-think my food choices. It is almost as if you see a huge wreck about to occur right in front of you and yet you can't look away. Instead you continue towards the event knowing the outcome isn't going to be good. I'm not sure I can fully say this is due to work stress but rather pure laziness.

If I wasn't so lazy in my meal planning maybe eating out wouldn't sound so appealing. If I'd not tucked my food tracker out of sight maybe I'd have made better food choices. When eating out if I'd splurged less maybe I wouldn't have been so uncomfortable the remainder of the evening and into bedtime. If I make weight loss more of a priority maybe I'll actually get back under 200 pounds again.

There is a lot of maybe in the paragraph above. It really comes down to priorities. I've not let weight loss and healthy eating be in the forefront of my mind for a while now. That needs to change. I'm reminding myself it doesn't have to be a drastic change but instead small steps to yield different results. Today is just as good a day as tomorrow to start fresh. The changes I make today will impact tomorrow and if I want that impact to be a positive one that starts with positive changes today.

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