Thursday Musings

My work week started yesterday and so far it is off to a good start. I am working hard to make this week another successful week. I learned yesterday that I will be moving onto my new trainer and starting Phase 3, fire dispatching, on Sunday. This makes me happy because I am ready to continue on with my training and because this mean Kenyon and I can still take our Vegas trip next week as well.

We knew starting a new job would mean having to put travel on the back burner for the remainder of this year and most of next year. It isn't a good idea to be taking lots of time off when you are brand new and still in training. Plus, I just don't have a big “bank” of time off to take either. I've got to work hard to build up some time off for future travel and just in case anything else happens. Kenyon has been on night shift now for two back-to-back rotations so he is getting pretty restless. I was really sad thinking I might have to postpone our trip again or worse have to cancel all together. If all goes well that won't be the case.

My activity this week has been solid and despite not being able to take any rest days with my goal of getting all three Apple Watch circles filled. I was able to take it somewhat easy on Tuesday after being out and about all day running errands. I only had to walk a mile on the treadmill and it was an easy mile. I had wanted to get out for a walk at work on Wednesday but it was a bit cold. I'm okay with walking outside in the colder months but I'm not a fan of wind, rain, or snow. I ended up using the treadmill and the elliptical at work. When you day starts at 3am it was easy to get all three circles filled by 3pm.

I hope your week is going well.

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