When Negative Self-Talk Occurs

I'm not usually one to talk negatively to myself. I'm human so it still happens but I try not to put myself down. I caught myself doing it on Monday.

I was at the outlet mall (or what is left of our really tiny outlet mall) at Eddie Bauer spending my free $10 certificate I found in my email inbox. On my way out of the complex I spotted the Lee's Outlet and wanted to see if I could find the slacks I like in the tall size. Side note: I'm not tall but the average seem to be a bit short when I'm wearing my Dansko clogs. Anyway, I didn't have much luck in the slack department but I spotted the intimates department. It is hard to find lingerie of a sexy variety in some stores and for a decent price. At the outlet mall they had a nice section for a really great price.

I thought I might see if I could find something sexy and pretty to wear for Kenyon to spice things up. I started looking at the tags, S, M, L, and thought to myself, “don't they have the size FAT.” Whoa. There it was. That negative self-talk that didn't need to be said but was exactly what I was thinking at that moment. Don't we all wish we looked like a Victoria Secret model? It sure would make shopping for clothes 10x easier.

I finally found the XL size and went to try it on. Good thing I did because I have no idea whose size that XL was for. Clearly it was not the same XL that I needed and no way did it look sexy. That was enough for me to scrap trying on anything else. I think if I had to go bigger than an XL, I might have started crying.

The one thing I did find that fit was a tiny Santa hat. Thank goodness something tiny still fits me.


Dawny said...

Luv you lindsay. And yet again although I know you'd subject matter is in no way funny but wow you always make me giggle with your humorous way of words.
Remember you may be bigger than you once were... But your not AS big as you once were either right?

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, that hat is adorable. You have such a great attitude and way with words. Seriously, you need to write your success story for Weight Watchers.