On Track And Feeling Good

Oh the joys of turning your sleep schedule around from night shift to day shift. I am yet to sleep for a full night as of yet. Due to a shift in the scheduling I now don't return to work until Thursday. I hope I remember how to answer 911 phone calls! If I had known I was having so much time off I would have planned it better. Nothing like trying to wing it eh?

I'll be able to attend my favorite WW meeting today so I am looking forward to that. I knew I would show a gain and it appears I'm up three pounds from when I last logged my weight in the Happy Scale app on Oct 16th. Yikes. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the average totals when I entered in my weight. Despite a three pound gain my moving average is stable for the last 7 days and I've only gained 0.4 pounds in the last 30 days. Of course the all time gain has gone up. That is based on the weight that I first entered into the Happy Scale app. Looking at that number depresses me.

I also very slightly dipped into the green on my graph.

Up until the week of my birthday I was doing pretty well with weight loss. I felt I combated the birthday weekend well, however, didn't get back to clean eating the following week. That is what can always hurt you most. I also had a few days of stress eating last week.

I am back on track this week. Yesterday I had a super hungry day. I hate when that happens. I didn't do too much damage and had my full WPPAs to use had I gotten really crazy. Thankfully that didn't happen.

I've also made a goal to get all three of my Apple Watch circles filled for the entire month of November. I'm off to a good start but having to resort to squats, high knee lifts, and walking around the house to get the last of my activity calories or exercise minutes completed for the day. With my sleep schedule really wonky I'm meeting my 12-hours of standing goal.

I have a training today at work for 5 hours so I hope I can stand up a time or two and keep my streak going.

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