Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Good Morning. I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. It is currently 1:38am (the new 1am) and I have not yet gone to bed to collect my extra hour of sleep.

On Thursday evening I met up with my sister and my nieces for Disney on Ice Frozen. When tickets were announced back in January I jumped on the chance to get some. Little Emma (5 years old) loves Frozen. However, I felt Hailey (11 years old) enjoyed it more. It kept to the story line and had lots of the same words and all of the songs. They had to cut some stuff out but overall it was enjoyable. Hailey loved the real snow and I thought it was pretty cool how they had fireworks for when Elsa used her magic.

Kenyon and I had massaged already booked and also decided to book a night at The Anniversary Inn. We wren't able to get in on the $99 sale but we decided the extra money was well spent. We chose the Carriage Suite. The bed was really hard to get in and out of. But other than that, it was a nice room. We had cookies at check-in, cheesecake waiting in the mini fridge, and a full breakfast in the morning. We booked a “bounce back” deal where we can pick any room on our next stay for the one price. It will end up being a $100 savings off the highest priced rooms. The company owns hotels in UT as well so we might extend our stay at a different location as there are some pretty neat rooms in UT.

I planned small group meet-up for pizza and beer in downtown Nampa. The pizza place was packed with lots of trick-or-treaters but we managed to get there before it was too busy. I didn't take any group photos but we had just the right amount. We ordered a 24' pizza and once again it was fabulous. I plan to take my parents for pizza after my dad heals from his knee surgery. After pizza and beer I came home and took a nap! Being on the graveyard shift and staying in a hotel don't mesh well. We stayed up late and woke up early. Since we didn't pass out any Halloween candy this year I was bummed that I didn't get to eat a bunch of it. I guess that is just one more reason I am needing to clean up my diet!

I wore my candy corn leggings

It has been a very enjoyable Halloween weekend and I get a few extra days off due to the change of trainers/shifts at work.

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