Las Vegas Part Three

I forgot to tell you that on the flight from Boise to Vegas we got stuck on our plane for TWO HOURS!!! Just as we were about to take off we suddenly made a turn back towards the gate. There was an issue with the engine and they had to call a mechanic. We ended up sitting at the gate on our place for two hours. It was a total bummer but much more enjoyable than we we were stuck on the tarmac in Phoenix during the July heat. So really we can't complain. The gal next to me ordered a drink but they never took her money. We were guessing it was because they felt bad. I wished I'd ordered a drink! I made Kenyon pose for a photo to show was it was like sitting on a plane for two hours.

We did a TON of walking in Vegas. I wanted to make sure I got my three Apple Watch circles filled and Kenyon had a goal to meet his 10,000 step requirement for his work fitness program. Here was our walking totals:
Wednesday: 18,464 steps and 9.05 miles, Thursday: 19.549 steps and 9.23 miles, Friday: 15,231 steps and 7.31 miles, and Saturday: 10,928 steps and 5.26 mies. That is a total of 30.82 miles! Crazy. Where did our feet take us?

We visited the Wynn for the first time and actually saw a more impressive display made with flowers than that of Bellagio. We also went into the Ferrari gift shop.

Don't worry we still went to the Bellagio to check out their display. It wasn't as good as it has been in the past. (sorry the photos are a bit dark because we visited at night).

We walked to Mandalay Bay where I found this fun hat store in the shops section.

 I also found a fun holiday hat at the H&M store in the Miracle Mile Shops.

On this trip we also did a little gambling. We decided to take $200 with us for the sole purpose of slot machines. Kenyon ended up doing well while I just brought down our overall average with all my losing. We walked to the Luxor and Kenyon put money into the Flinstone's penny machine. He won $123 on his FIRST SPIN! Jerk.

I lost most of my money and decided to drown my sorrows in free drinks. Are the drinks still free when you lose $20 in the slot machine waiting for the waitress to come around?

After all the wins and losses were totaled up we actually ended up spending all but about $50 of our gambling money. Not too bad. Would have been nice to come home with enough to quit our job. Maybe next time.

Well, that is about it for this trip to Vegas. You know we will be back sooner rather than later.

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