Trading In Cold Weather For Warm Weather

I see on FB that the northwest is having some crazy wind storms that have knocked out power and caused downed trees and what not. For those of you in that area, stay safe! I hope the storms will pass soon with little destruction to those in its path.

I'm awake earlier than planned but still need to get packed and ready to go. We are headed to Vegas today!!! You know how much I love Vegas. I'm most excited for time with Kenyon. We have been on opposite shifts/days off for a few weeks now and we will still be on opposite shifts for another few weeks. At least we will have days off together again so that is better than nothing. For the next four days I'm looking forward to spending uninterrupted time with Kenyon.

In a few hours I'll be trading in Idaho cold/winter weather for Vegas warm/spring-like weather. I'm super excited for 70 degrees and sunshine.

I'll try and check-in when I can.

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