What Eating Off Plan Really Looks Like

So what does the ugly side of eating off plan look like? Warning: things are about to get gross up in this blog today!

I've been really off plan for a couple of weeks now and everyday I say I'll do better. Then that day comes to an end and I am miserably overstuffed as I'm trying to get to sleep. I keep thinking to myself, why do you do this? You feel so much better when you are eating healthy and managing your sweets. This doesn't feel very good so why keep it up?

So far myself hasn't answered back and the cycle continues.

Here is what eating off plan really looks like for me:
  • I get canker sores on my tongue really easily when I am eating off plan. I'm not sure if it the excess sugar or what but it is one of the first signs
  • The gums at the back of my mouth start to hurt. I know this happens when I eat a lot of hard foods such as chips and crusty breads. I think there is also a connection to sugar as well
  • I start getting lazy with my teeth brushing. I know this goes hand-in-hand with my gums hurting but when I'm eating off plan, in the evening I'm usually stuffed, uncomfortable, and tired which is a bad combo for teeth brushing at night. I just move from the couch to the bed minus the brushing
  • I feel bloated and uncomfortable in my jeans. That one doesn't really need any further explanation
  • My rings are tighter. Part of it is weight gain and part of it is eating off plan and excess sodium
  • Loose bowels. That one also doesn't need any further explanation. Other than I get more Facebook time the longer I'm on the toilet. Kidding. Maybe.

Okay. There you have it. The unpleasant signs that I've been eating off plan and need to give myself a good ass-kicking.

The part that really irks me is that as humans we know that when something doesn't feel good to stop. If you put your hand on a hot surface and get burned, you pull your hand back. If you are applying pressure to an area of your body that starts to ache, you release the pressure. So why is it with addictions such as food, alcohol, and drugs that we don't stop when things become unpleasant?

Something I'll need to ponder. If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

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