Six Years With Weight Watchers

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It is six years ago I joined WW. It was six years ago that I made the decision to walk into my local WW center and change my life. At the time, I would have been happy just losing 20 pounds. Who know what impact WW and healthy living would have on my life? I am forever grateful for what WW has taught me, the friends I have met along the way, and my new healthier life.

When I joined WW, my Mom said she would go too but that she couldn’t attend until February. I told her I would see her then and went to my first meeting alone. I am a very social person so attending alone wasn’t as scary as I thought. I liked my leader instantly. I was a bit intimidated the next day while going over my meeting material. I was somebody who lived for eating out and never cooked at home. I was suddenly overwhelmed that I would now have to start cooking healthy foods at home. I made a decision to make WW fit MY lifestyle. I continued to eat out; I just went to different restaurants. Big Mac’s from McDonald’s were suddenly replaced by turkey sandwiches from Subway. I stocked up on WW Smart Ones for those times I needed a complete meal. I even had enough daily points to have dessert every night.

Slowly, WW just became my new lifestyle. I even started looking up new recipes and cooking at home. I bought a food scale (the best purchase I ever made) and weighing and measuring my food was just as important as the actual cooking process. I tracked my food as soon as I ate and utilized the tools I was given in my WW meetings when I needed help. I also formed great friendships through the WW message boards and have a few email friends from it. WW really IS my life. I don’t feel like it is a chore and missing a meeting after two weeks (if I am traveling or such) makes me want to run to the first meeting I can.

Six years have also not been all sunshine and roses. During my weight loss journey there were struggles, tears, and frustrations with my body, the scale, and why “it isn’t working.” There have been struggles during my maintenance journey too. Sometimes, even if we work our program to a T, eat clean, and make no mistakes, our bodies will still gain weight. Sometimes, we work out until we are sore and tired and yet our bodies still gain weight. It really is just a part of life and a part of being a female! So…many tears have been shed.

I look forward to many years to come and all those years including WW. I look forward to meeting more WW members, keeping in contact with the friends I have already made, and continuing to grow as I enjoy this healthy lifestyle and all that comes with it.

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