A New Life Begins And An Old Life Ends

I had planned a blog post that was a little closer to getting back on track with life.  Since Monday last week my family has been living our life in limbo.  It is very difficult to go about regular life when you know your loved ones are hurting.  So, today’s blog post won’t be back to regular life…I need one more day.
This morning when we woke up Kenyon announced to me that “Maya had hatched”.  I was so excited to hear she had the baby and asked if there was a photo.  Kanani Raye Hamilton was born on February 6 at 11:22pm.  She is 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 inches long.  She is also quite adorable.  We are very excited for Mom and baby.  We hope to visit in April if we can make a trip to NM for Kenyon’s Dad’s 80th birthday.
With each new life and old life must end.  Grandma D passed away at 1pm today.  She has not been well since August but got really bad a couple of weeks ago when a bedsore became infected.  The infection was deep and had gone to the bone.  She went into cardiac arrest last Tuesday and never fully recovered.  She has been on comfort care first at the hospital and then at a care center since Tuesday.  I am relieved she can finally rest and isn’t in anymore pain.
Eventually life will return to normal. 

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S. Galloway said...

Congrats on the new baby! I am sorry to her about your Grandma D, thinking of you at this time and sending lots of love.