The Evolution Of Weight Loss And Eating

My WW buddy Nichole pointed out that today is National Pizza Day, National Bagel Day, and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).  Before knowing it was even National Pizza Day I actually met Kenyon for lunch and we went to the pizza buffet.  Now that my pants are tight, I’m super uncomfortable and in honor of Fat Tuesday, here is something to make you laugh.


I was thinking today about the evolution of weight loss and eating.

·        When I first started my WW journey I was eating really unhealthy.  To make the program less overwhelming I started with small changes such as going to Subway instead of McDonalds, putting condiments and salad dressing on the side, and omitting cheese once in a while.

·        As I got closer to my goal weight I ate a bit more restricted.  I started experimenting with recipes and cooking at home.  I would use substitutes for various food items and see if I could make the points lower.  I was more careful on my social outings and always made sure I pre-planned everything.

·        Once I hit goal I was grooving along pretty well and the habits I had built were holding strong.  It wasn’t uncommon to eat two slices of pizza but along with it a really big salad or a couple of trips to the salad bar.

·        A few years after goal (and 50 pounds of re-gain) I have increased the amount of my social gatherings and I don’t hold back on the food and alcohol.  My lunch today consisted of four slices of pizza and only one trip to the salad bar.  Then I got an ice cream shake for dessert.  No wonder my pants are tight and I feel really fat and bloated.

I wouldn’t say my unhealthy habits are as unhealthy as my pre-WW days but they can improve greatly.  It is getting pretty bad.  In the spirit of evolution…I need to evolve more to the heather spectrum of eating.  My splurges need to decrease and my salad eating needs to increase.  I’ve been off track for a couple of weeks now and once again, I need to get this ship turned back around and continue to work at making my clothes fit better.

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Dawny said...

I really love your bold-ness.! and your REALITY..

you always have such a GREAT way of wording things with a humorous, yet REAL aspect!

Thanks so much for sharing REAL life Lindsay

you truly are my she-ro