Getting On The Scale After A Two Week Hiatus

I’ve had one full successful day of healthy eating and activity and I’m building on that with my second day.  Hooray!

Yesterday I got myself back on track, prepared/packed my food for work, and dumped a Wendy’s frosty down the drain.  I haven’t done that in a very long time (the frosty dumping).  Since I was really focused last night and I work with a supervisor that gets slightly offended when you turn down food/treats, I decided to just set my frosty aside until it melted and then pour it down the drain.  I don’t think anybody noticed. 

I had a last minute invite to a MS talk/dinner tonight at Cottonwood Grille just before I came to work.  I love the food there and had my usual chicken with a lemon cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and veggies.  I love their house vinaigrette on the salad.  I had decided ahead of time I wouldn’t have any dessert and most likely would miss the dessert service due to having to get to work.  The dessert choice was cream brulee so that was also easy to pass up.  After my dinner I was feeling a bit of the itch for something sweet so I chewed on some gum and cut out of there before dessert was served.  Another success!

I got on the scale at home yesterday and it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I have gained about seven pounds from when I last did my WI at home. 


I’m not sure how many weeks it has been.  Two perhaps?  My grandpa said he had gained seven points since that day my grandma went into the hospital.  I can see gaining weight when you are eating out all the time but what is my excuse?  That is why any excuse is never a good one.


I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill at work in the early morning hours and then got in my Curves workout this afternoon.  I am hoping to get on the treadmill again during the early morning hours as I’m sure I’ll be tired.  Adjusting back to night shift isn’t easy.  Especially when Kenyon is off work and I would rather be awake to spend time with him.

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