TGIF...No Really...Thank Goodness!

TGIF!!!  Not only is it TGIF but it is also the FULLER HOUSE PREMERE on Netflix.  I am so super excited.  You can actually start streaming it at 1am Idaho this morning and I can’t wait to watch it.  I loved Full House so I am super stoked to watch Fuller House.  If I wasn’t so super busy this weekend I’d be binge watching all 13 episodes back-to-back for sure.  I was actually invited to a premiere party on Friday but shhhhhh…don’t tell anybody I’m watching some episodes early.

I have been boycotting Netflix for years.  It really irked me when they split their plan into either discs in the mail OR streaming and each had a separate cost.  I had to give in to Netflix so I can watch the Fuller House episodes.  Thank goodness for a one-month free trail!  You won’t be getting any money from me Netflix.

I am very ready for the weekend and yet my weekend is JAM PACKED!  We are possibly going to be short handed at work due to a coworker having a family emergency; however, I had to decline helping out.  I’m just way too busy.  I think if I didn’t have three days of to get focused on packing/moving AND trying to catch up on some sleep than I might have a nervous breakdown.  I am exhausted! 

We got some pretty bad news on our possible new home purchase.  I’m not sure how we got as far as we did before anybody noticed that we can’t get the extra addition to the garage as we had hoped.  The floor plan we really love is a stacked floor plan in that the second and third bedrooms sit on top of the garage.  Therefore, the garage can’t be extended.  Damn!  I was in tears when I found out and even after meeting with our buying agent, it is still very difficult news to take.  There are other homes out there so I know we won’t be homeless (I hope at least).  It is just a really big bummer as we both really loved the floor plan and I love the charm of the alley load homes.

We are now looking at traditional homes again but hoping to have a larger home on a smaller lot thus less yard work/maintenance.  And if we do go this route I’m sure we will not put grass in the backyard as it doesn’t come with the backyard landscaping.  Instead of paying for grass and sprinklers to be installed, which we both hate yard work, we might as well just put rocks or some sort of other type of landscaping out there.  I’ve been looking for ideas so if we do go this route I hope we can come up with something fun.

Saturday night I have the Fuller House premiere party, Sunday I am hosting an Academy Awards party, and Monday I am going to attend a meeting for a group called The Well Armed Woman.  It is a group of gals that get together to learn education on firearms and practice shooting.  Firearms have never been my thing but Kenyon enjoys recreational shooting so perhaps I can get comfortable and tag along to the outdoor range from time to time.

Between all that we are packing and moving.  We need to rent a storage shed and get a Uhaul to move out or large items to make our house look less cluttered for staging purposes.  We also need to finish putting bark in the front yard by the house/bushes and clean up the back yard.  We really should get the power washing done this weekend as well.  The sign was delivered to our yard on Wednesday afternoon.  When I was in the living room I saw a car drive by, slow down to look at the house, and then continue driving by.  It was pretty exciting!  It made me realize that the outside is what people see first so we had better get that in tip-top shape.


If it isn’t the stress of selling…it is the stress of buying and vice versa.  Ugh this is quite the process.

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