Exercise, Or Lack There Of

I have not made good use of my Curves membership over the last two weeks.  I was all set to get in a good workout last Monday despite what felt like a head cold coming on.  I got into my workout clothes and had planned to swing by Curves in between visiting my Grandmother in the care center where she was at.  After seeing how bad she was I decided staying at the care center all afternoon with Grandpa was a better decision.

Tuesday we got word that my Grandma was in cardiac arrest.  My head cold was also in full blown annoyance mode.  I was exhausted and only sleeping for a few hours at a time plus still trying to work my graveyard shift at work.  By Wednesday I had just decided that rest was more of a priority over activity.

I had planned once again to get back into it this week but after Grandma passed away on Sunday exercise hasn’t been the top focus.  I have the time to exercise and my cold is pretty much gone so it just comes down to my own excuses as to way I’ve not been to a Curves work out this week.


I suspect life will once again get back to normal after the funeral service on Friday.  Kenyon and I have a reservation at The Anniversary Inn for Friday night as we planned this for our Valentine’s Day weeks ago.  We are still going to check-in that evening and spend some alone time together.  I also have Saturday off which we plan to spend together too.  Come Sunday though,  the excuses need to stop.  We have been having warmer temps with sunshine and that makes me itch for Spring-time. 

It is also blaring apparent when trying to select an outfit to wear to the funeral that none of my clothes fit well at all.  It is quite depressing and makes me mad I let myself get this way.  Every time I’m trying to squeeze into an outfit and start to get depressed I remind myself that there isn’t anything I can do about it in that exact moment so I need to just be as confident as I can. 

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