Showed A Small Loss This Week

Hi.  How are you all?

Despite eating out often this week and eating pretty poorly these last few days, I got on the scale at home and showed a slight loss.  I was able to make it to Curves a few times last week and I think I met/exceeded my Movement Goal of 350 calories for five days last week.  Whoooo Hoooo!  With our busy week of packing up the house I’m not sure I’ll try to get to Curves.  I know I should still carve out time for that but I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

Even though I am feeling overwhelmed I need to get better about my meal planning and grocery shopping.  I’ve been eating out quite a bit and up until this weekend it was semi healthy choices.  I also had some sugar/treats this weekend and didn’t feel very good afterwards.  I know I feel better when I keep my food in check.  I wish the reminder happened BEFORE eating the stuff that makes you feel yucky than after. 

I’ve not been to a WW meeting in the month of February yet.  When I switched to night shift my plan was to attend Monday meetings.  Well between overtime and/or other commitments I’ve not made it to a meeting.  I am going to swing into a meeting on Wednesday night at the location close to my house.  Once I get back on day shift I can attend my Tuesday AM meeting and as a back-up I can attend  the Thursday AM meeting where I’ll see my leader Donna.  I hear there is another charm coming for meeting attendance and that is one way to lure me into my meetings.

Also, going to my meetings really helps me with re-focus which I could use a lot of right now. 

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