The Return Of Healthy Eating And Exercise

Oh my goodness!  My head has been in 50 million places these last few days.  We are considering putting our house on the market as we have found a house design in a Phase 1 development we both really like.  To say I’ve been obsessed is an understatement.  I wish I could get obsessed with my diet and exercise again!
Which, I have made strides today towards a healthier lifestyle.  It feels good to be back on track!  My last official day of a true workout was January 29th.  Oy.  When I woke up it was in the 60s so I thought I’d go for a walk instead of make the trip to Curves.  When I went outside to get the mail it wasn’t as bright and sunny as I had hoped so I rounded up and headed to Curves.

It feels good to be back at it.  I’ve got four more weeks of graveyard left so I’ve got to make the most of my membership while I can during the hours I’m awake.  Hopefully I can start sleeping until 2pm and then head for my workout before returning home in time to get ready for work.
As far as the food front, I made some oatmeal when I woke up (between naps) and then got SouperSalad on my way to work.  I cooked a chicken breast and some frozen peas for my meal later tonight and have yogurt with frozen fruit and Grapenuts for my really late night/early morning snack before I leave work. 
I believe as I type this my supervisor is getting us each a frosty since our whole team is all here on the same day/shift.  I might have to pull a fast one and just trash it or “save it for later” and never actually get to the later part.  I’ve had so many sweets these past two weeks eating on track just makes me feel good.
Three cheers for the return of healthy eating and exercise!

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