The Circle Of Life

After a very long day at the hospital yesterday where we all were able to say our goodbyes to Grandma D, she has decided she isn't ready to go yet. They are keeping her comfortable and will move her to a care center that is a close drive for Grandpa. We continue to wait and spend as much time with her as possible.  They are keeping her comfortable so she isn't in any pain. I am very thankful for that.

On a positive note, our niece in New Mexico is about to have her baby. Her water broke around 10:30am. Soon Kenyon and I will have a new great niece.

I was thinking yesterday about the Circle of Life. When Grandma A passed away five years ago my sister Katie became pregnant with Emma and my cousin became pregnant with her twins. Since our niece Maya is on the other side of the family I wasn't really thinking about her new baby coming into the world as Grandma D would be leaving it. I was updating my supervisor DeLisa when she was the one that pointed out the Circle of Life. I'm not sure if the circle will be complete in this particular case but when Grandma D does decide she is ready to go, the world will gain a new baby somewhere. It is pretty amazing how life works.

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