Checking In On A Friday - Memories Of Childbirth

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday.  Being on night shift has me all messed up on when I get my blog posts published.  I should have checked in last night but I was super tired towards the end of my shift.  I am working a few hours earlier so I can get off a few hours earlier.  That way I can be awake earlier to spend time with Kenyon on our day off tomorrow.  Saturday is our only day off.  Kenyon has been in Nevada all week taking a gun class at Front Sight.  It will be nice to have him home.
We had a false alarm yesterday with our niece Maya in New Mexico.  This is the third time she has been sent home from the hospital after not being in active labor.  I’m not sure why she thought her water broke.  Poor thing is ready to have this baby.  The baby’s due date is February 17th.  She will come when she is good and ready.  She is stubborn like her Momma.  Ha!
It makes me think of both of my sister’s births.  Katie scheduled to induce with both of her girls.  With Hailey we arrived at the hospital early in the morning and it took all day for her to dilate.  Once she did it only took about 45 minutes to push her out.  Since this was the first baby for all of us, my dad and siblings were all in the waiting room.  Once they had Katie and Hailey cleaned up we were all able to go into the room and visit with her.  It was crazy to think Katie had just become a mother.  She never even babysat as a kid.  However, it was like an instant switch flipped and she learned to be a pro in no time.
With Emma’s birth six years later, I remember it taking most of the day to dilate as well.  However, the actual birth was quick.  There wasn’t the whole entourage in the waiting room like with the birth of Hailey.  I had stepped out of the birthing room when it was time to push.  It was only a matter of moments before Mom told me I could come back in and see Emma.  I had never been into a birthing room so quickly after childbirth.  Boy was that an experience.  It was wonderful to see that little naked baby crying.  I was once again so very happy for my sister.
I don’t know that I’d ever actually want to watch childbirth.  I will admit though the experience is interesting and has me curious.  It will always amaze me how a person can grow another human being.  Mothers have TOUGH gig.  But, without mothers the world would cease to exist.  Maya will have her hands full once this bundle of joy arrives.  It is hard to tell a young emotional pregnant woman to relax and let nature take its course. 

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