A Few More Photos From New Mexico

Blogging while traveling is difficult since I don’t have my Mac with me.  It isn’t easy go blog on the iPad and the formatting just isn’t correct.  So I am posting more photos from our trip.

On Sunday we took the in-laws out to eat at Denny’s since it was our niece Maya’s first day as a waitress.  Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of Maya.  We crammed 11 people into two tiny booths as it was a super busy evening.

My sister-in-law Julie sent me some photos of little Alora.  She has the neatest personality and is super fun.

Apparently there are some Southwest planes that are painted for different states in the US.  When we landed in Denver the New Mexico plane was at the gate next to ours and the Arizona plane had just left our gate.  Too bad we didn’t get to ride the NM plane into NM.  That would have been neat.

Max and Henry are so much fun.  They are so cute and I love kids when they are between two and four years old.  They say so much funny stuff.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to see these cuties.

Here is Max and Henry on a tricycle that is as old as my Aunt Barb!!!  It was actually her tricycle from when she was a kid.  Through the years we have all taken turns riding that bike and it was neat to also get photos of the boys taking their turn.  Henry, on the left, is not happy in his photo because he was stuck in the dirt and needed rescued.

These were taken at Judy’s house.  There is a tiny door that leads from her back yard to the alley way.  We were calling it the Hobbit door.  It didn’t open without a key and the boys desperately wanted to go through it.

Henry didn’t want his photo taken for most of the trip but he loved running back and forth along this outside seat.  He asked me to take his photo of him running on it.

I am already missing all the fun we had on vacation.  I wish we lived closer!

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