The F-Word

Yesterday mid-morning Jamie and I had made plans to meet and walk the mall before she joined me at my WW meeting. When I woke up and sent her a text message she replied saying she didn't want to get out of bed and asked if we should skip our walk.

My reply: “I could go either way. I'm lazy and fat so staying in bed sounds good too.”

Wow. I just used the F-word. 


Clearly my weight gain affects me more than I want to believe. This is a public blog and if I was a Debby Downer all the time then nobody would read it. Well, assuming anybody reads this blog to begin with.  But it does affect me.

That was all the motivation we needed to force ourselves to meet for our walk. We were both feeling tired but we are also both feeling frustrated with our current weight. Skipping the walk was a silly idea and I am glad we re-thought our decision and had each other for accountability. Exercise is always much more fun when you have somebody to chat with. It also makes time go a lot faster. We walked for over an hour and I earned 3 APs. I'd like to think that I would have still done something active if we had not met. But in reality I'm sure I would have just stayed in bed and watched TV.

WW has been doing a spring promotion that if you attended four out of five meetings over these last five weeks you earn an unmbrella charm. I missed the first week due to being out of town in Vegas and thankfully this week was the last week, as I'll be out of town next week too. I earned my umbrella charm. I love WW bling.

I am feeling like I'll try to focus on Simply Filling and getting in an abunance of Power Foods. We are headed out of town on Saturday so it is hard to focus. However, my weight is up from when I got on the WW scale two weeks ago, which is always dangerous for me when going on vacation.

I know I need to make a better effort at weight loss. I know I sound like the boy who cried wolf and I am sorry about that. Not sure what I need to light that spark again.

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