New Mexico - Sunday & Monday

Our first day in New Mexico was filled with kids.

We met my aunt Barb, cousin Megan, and twins Max and Henry at a restaurant in Albuquerque called Flying Star. It is a coffee shop/cafe/bakery. We shared a meal that included an amazing turkey sausage patty with green chile and a green chile and cheddar bagel. Oh my!!! I can't wait to go back. I'll be dreaming of the turkey sausage patty. It was so flavorful. We then headed to Barb's friend Judy's house to see her upgrades. She lives in a castle it is amazing! She has the best house for entertaining.

By afternoon we headed to my in-laws for a visit. Our day ended at the Denny's in Edgewood where our niece Maya works. The restaurant just opened for business on Sunday and boy was it rough. Like with any new restaurant they will get the kinks worked out. Thankfully the waiter helping Maya spilled drinks on Kenyon and not some other patron. Kenyon was a good sport.

 (I'm having photo editing issues!)

One outing with a group of 11 (and two rambunctious boys) was enough for one day.

Today we met up with Barb, Megan, and the boys and headed to the National Petroglyph State Park. Our weather was sort of iffy and we actually were rained on before the wind almost blew us off the rocks. We had a picnic afterwards. 

It was so much fun to spend time with Max and Henry.

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