Back To It

The fun of vacation is over and I am back at work.  But before I headed back to work on Saturday night I did have a little bit of fun.

I took Friday off and arranged a little get together with my girlfriends to drink some wine and visit.  Julie found these adorable wine glass markers, which were men that hang off the side of your glass.  They had different colored bottoms and had a different name across the back.  It was hilarious.


We had a great time and I drank far too much alcohol and ate far too much sugar.  I had a huge headache Saturday morning when I woke up.  I am not as young as I once was.  I had plans to go to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon.

I’ve known Jenn for 17 years now.  We met when I transferred to the ShopKo in Boise after I graduated high school.  Jenn was also going to BSU and we even had a few classes together.  When I interviewed with ISP nine years ago and took my tour of the dispatch center, there sat Jenn.   She was actually dispatching for ISP so I again had the privilege of working with her.  I guess you could say I was stalking her.  Jenn moved to Colorado to peruse her dreams of culinary school and eventually took a job at Disney World.  That is where she met her husband John and they are now expecting their first child.  I am so excited for her.

It is great going to a baby shower when the mother is a culinary artist!  Look at that spread.


We played some games but sadly I didn’t win any prizes. 


After a short nap I headed into work.  It has been a busy night so far.  I am sort of rusty after taking a week off!

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