Happy Friday. We are enjoying our weekend on our end. I hope you are about to start enjoying your weekend too.

I went for my workout at Curves today and planned to get signed up for the CurvesSmart program where you use a card to track your weight. The instructor got my card activated and then walked me through the start-up process. In order for the card reader to get an idea of my workout I had to get on every machine completing three reps, waiting, and then completing three reps again. The first tested range of motion and the second tested intensity. After that you are cleared to do your workout. The instructor followed me around to explain how the card works.

When you move to a machine you insert your card and watch the readout to tell you to start. The goal is to keep the color green (not yellow or red) which means you are working your muscles the most. You also want to keep the range lights lit as that is telling you that you are using the full range of your muscles on that machine.

Your first three machines are a “warm up” so you will see the reps dial say “easy”. After that you will first see the number of machines you have left to complete in your circuit. Then you will see the number of reps you complete during the 30 second cycle. When you get to the final three machines the dial will read “cool” and the last machine will read “end workout.” She explained that it was important not to pull the card out too soon or it won't save your information. If you found you got to the final machine but didn't see “end workout” it might be because you pulled the card out too soon on another machine. I got lucky my first round!

After the workout and cool down you plug your card back in and wait for it to load your results.

It's interesting because I could tell during the workout that I wasn't working my left bicep as much as my right one and that I couldn't get the glute machine to ever get into the green color. The results showed that my left bicep and my gluts weren't worked out as much as the rest of my muscles as they had a yellow dot vs a green dot.

It also shows you how many calories you burned. According to the CurvesSmart, I burned 345 calories. According to my Apple Watch I burned 249 calories. It sure felt like I worked out harder than my past workouts but it could be just that I was more focused. The calorie count is around the same amount from each of the times I have done my workout. After seven days you can start graphing your progress. I'm excited to see how this continues.

It was a nice good sweaty workout! I was pooped.

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