I Had A Loss This Week

My diligence to paying attention to my sugar intake last week paid off.  I showed a loss of 3.2 pounds on my scale at home when I stepped on it first thing.


It was still pretty early so I ate some pancakes with peanut butter and honey, drank some coffee, and then got my workout at Curves done.  I wasn’t sure if a workout before WI would help me at the scale or not.  By the time I got showered and changed my official WW loss was 1.6 pounds.  I’ll take it!  It was a really successful week and I didn’t have to kill myself for the loss either.

Yesterday was a really good day for activity.  In addition to my Curves workout, I met Jamie and Rebecca downtown for lunch and it was a beautiful day where it was quite warm in the sunshine.  We walked to/from Rebecca’s work to lunch and also back to where Jamie and I parked.  By the end of the day I had logged 10,683 steps and walked 5.05 miles.  My total activity calories burned was 674 according to my Apple Watch.  I love days off where you can get in some solid activity.

We had a beautiful day on Sunday as well so I was able to get out for a walk on Sunday.  Today I am hoping to hit up Curves after work and I have my change of clothes with me.  I also am sitting on the side of the room that has the console treadmill so I’ll look some time on that today.  So far today is shaping up to be a “quiet” day at work but in the life of a dispatcher you don’t every say the word quiet!

I have my food and snacks packed for work today and I’m taking photos so I can share it with you tomorrow.  I don’t have a solid meal plan in place for dinners this week.  I am sort of winging it as I try to ride out the next couple of weeks.  I’ve been going over my weekly budget so I’m pushing off grocery shopping.  I need to get better about my spending.  It is TONS better than the last two months but still over what I’d like to spend.

Okay, I think that is about it.  Onto the work week I go.

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