The Day Sugar Became Outlawed

Kenyon and I stopped into the grocery store last night for a few lunch items.  As we headed to the register we walked by some Valentine’s Day candy on a stand near the front of the store.  We talked about getting some M&M’s (noting the price difference just to get holiday colored ones) but decided we didn’t need any.  Then I spotted the cinnamon hearts.  I like gummy candy and if you have never tried chocolate covered cinnamon bears, well trust me when I say you should.

I’ve not been tracking so I had no intention of actually checking the SPVs (Smart Points Values) before I actually purchased them.  I had the package open even before Kenyon finished paying and was doing a little happy dance over the delicious sugar hitting my taste buds.  Kenyon was shaking his head wondering why I would even get excited over cinnamon hearts.  I told him I wasn’t sure why but ever since Weight Watcher put the veto on sugar it is all I have craved.

I decided to check the SPV when I got home.  I told Kenyon that I was guessing it was going to be 8 SPV.  I suppose I should buy a lottery ticket because I was correct.  It is 8 SPV for a serving of cinnamon hearts, which is just four hearts.

Ever since WW rolled out the new “Beyond The Scale” program there has been a heavy emphasis on sugar and a very large increase in SPVs for anything that contains sugar.  If you love sugar, this can be a problem.  What might have once felt like you were spending your points on an occasional treat or indulgence now feels like you are spending your points for a whole other meal.  Who would ever want to eat four measly cinnamon hearts for 8 SPV?  That is a whole meal in my book.  It also got me thinking that if my DSPA (Daily Smart Points Allowance) is 33 then 16 cinnamon hearts would equal my whole day worth of points.  I am pretty sure I’d be hungry moments after eating 16 cinnamon hearts, assuming I didn’t eat them all in one setting.  I mean if this is all I have to eat in one whole day I had better ration that portion to last me all day.

I am really struggling with this new impact on sugar.  Clearly, if I had scanned the cinnamon hearts at the store I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place.  8 SPV for four cinnamon hearts is not worth it.  It leaves me with the honest struggle between cutting sugar out completely (not realistic), finding a sugar/dessert alternative that is less SPVs than an entire meal (a realistic option), or giving up on tracking when I want something sweet and thus not getting back to tracking until the new week begins (which is what has been happening and clearly is not working).

I’d love to hear your suggestions for low SPV dessert/treat options. Please share with me.


lookingaheadto30 said...

True statement I think you should give it up for a month. Just do it. Don't do whole30 if that is to much (I get that). But clearly sugar is causing you a problem so unless it's naturally happening (fruit and 100% fruit juice) give it up and after a month see how much you really want. I have some friends with major sugar addictions which cause them to binge greatly. They have learned that they just can't have it.
Also, i thought I would die without chocolate and fact is unless someone is eating it in front of me I haven't had a problem. It's just chocolate. I'm not going to die. I am however going to die if I keep gaining weight. And I did not have OHS to die at 30.

Dawny said...

Heating cut fresh fruit (Apple/pear) with a little cinnamon creates endless possibilities. Sprinkle with uncooked oats n create a crisp. topping that or just the fruit with vanilla yogurt. Yummmmm

Jello? W/ fruit?

I bake quest bars (that range 3-4 & 5 pts) into 4 smaller cookies but very satisfying.

Then of course there's yonana. =~}