Thursday Musings

Good Morning.  I hope your work week is wrapping up as we start the downhill slope to the weekend.  I was planning to go out of town this weekend with my friend’s family to their cabin in McCall.  It is the annual Winter Carnival and while it would be tons of fun, I am feeling like it is best to stay home.  My friend Jamie says she understands but I do feel bad about cancelling.  Maybe I’ll make it there next year.

Yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day.  I didn’t celebrate and in fact I did really well not indulging in sugar yesterday.  Just as I left work our Lieutenant and his wife were passing out cupcake size bunt cakes.  She has recently taken a job at Nothing Bunt Cakes and I hear their cakes are amazing.  They insisted I take one with me so I actually used my car cup holder to transport it home to Kenyon.  He ate it this morning and said it was tasty. 


I need to remember Nothing Bunt Cakes when I have an event that needs a cake…like a random weeknight at home.

I can’t say I had the healthiest dinner at home last night but when Kenyon said he was bringing out the ice cream before bed, I ran to brush my teeth and go to bed myself.  I figured as long as I saw no ice cream I wouldn’t be tempted to consume any.  I really do think I got some of my sugar-urge out of my system the other night.  It was a win for keeping sugar in check yesterday.  Working through being successful again today.

I stopped into Curves after work yesterday.  I have my bags all packed to stop in again today.  I am also sitting on the side of the room with the treadmill so I’ll be getting in some extra APs.  Yeah.

I found some funnies on the interest to share.  I hope this brightens your Thursday.


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