What I Ate Yesterday: Wednesday

I took photos of my food yesterday so I could share it with you today.  I am tracking this week but not calculating the SPVs yet.  I figure this was a good push to get back into it.  I am still weighing and measuring my food just not actually writing down the SPVs.  Since I had several food events planned this week I didn’t want to feel guilty or stressed about what to eat/order.  My main focus this week has been on reducing the sugar/treats/dessert and finding alternatives that don’t break the SPV bank.


I had one of my go-to breakfast dishes yesterday morning and if you read the blog regularly it will look familiar.  Frozen potatoes cooked in oil with a bell pepper and half a Trader Joe’s chicken sausage.  I topped it with one egg and one egg white and squirted some ketchup (the only way to eat eggs and potatoes).


I had two oranges on the side.

Oh, and don’t forget the coffee.  Homebrewed Dark Magic with SF Hazelnut creamer.  I didn’t snap a photo of it but I also had a Dutch Bros Americano on my way to work.

My first snack of the day was yogurt with frozen berries and grape nuts mixed in.  I’ve started adding grape nuts for crunch and I really like it.




For lunch I had a salad of just chopped veggies topped with Trader Joe’s hummus and 1 tsp of olive oil mixed in.  On the side I had a pickle spear rolled up in ham with garden veggie cream cheese.  If you have never tried the combo of ham, pickle and cream cheese…well you must try it.  It is delicious.  I have some again for my snack today.

I forgot to take a photo of my second snack.  It was cottage cheese and mandarin oranges.  This is also one of my favorite snacks these days.



We planned a Gyro crockpot meal complete with pitas and cucumber dill yogurt sauce.  Before Kenyon had it started in the crockpot he got a call that his car in the repair shop would be done around 4pm and that I’d need to run him to get his car.  We discussed eating out instead and had a $10 off bonus coupon to use at Outback Steakhouse.  Since Kenyon was paying I accepted the offer!

We had lots of bread and butter as we waited for our dinner (and also some for “dessert” after our meal.  I couldn’t get enough yummy bread.

I went in with the plan to have Chicken on the Barbie which comes with a side of veggies.  However, that dish is $13.99.  I realized I could order a chicken sandwich for $11.99 and sub the veggies in place of the fries.  So, that is what I did.

But, instead of eating it as a chicken sandwich, I ditched the bun, gave Kenyon the tomato and avocado spread, and left the aioli sauce on the bun.  I added some BBQ sauce and ate it with a fork on the bed of lettuce that came with the sandwich.  The veggies were a bit overcooked.


I planned ahead knowing that after I eat out I usually want dessert.  I mixed up some SF/FF chocolate fudge putting and portioned it into single servings before we left the house.  I will admit I wanted to drink the mixture of milk and pudding after I mixed it.  I held myself back.

I ended up with double the activity yesterday.  I walked on the treadmill while at work for 30 minutes and then went to Curves for my 30-minute circuit workout after my shift ended.  M y double workout burned a total of 484 calories.  I logged 6,629 steps and 3.05 miles.  Kenyon outdid me though by getting in over 9 miles yesterday!!!  When he dropped his car off at the repair shop he walked to catch the bus and ended up on a wild goose chase.  Poor guy has pretty sore feet today.

I’ve got another day of food and snacks here at work today and we are having the Gyro crockpot recipe with pita bread tonight for dinner.  Yummmmm.


Anonymous said...

I love ham rolled up with pickles! That reminds me of the only good thing I ever got out of the South Beach Diet: a recipe called White Trash Sushi that is so good, we have a ritual of serving it every New Years Eve (don't know how that started). You just spread lean ham slices with light cream cheese, add a slice of dill pickle and roll up. This MUST be served sprinkled with Frank's hot sauce. SO GOOD and perfect for Weight Watchers!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I forgot to add the important part, that you slice each rollup into sushi sized pieces. Thus, the sushi. ha ha!!