Gun Show, Dance Party, Tea, Pizza, & Star Wars Party

Good Sunday Morning! I had a fantastic day off yesterday. Why do days off have to go by so quickly?

Kenyon and I met my sister Jenny for breakfast at LePeep and then we all headed to the Nampa Rod & Gun Club for a gun show. My Dad is still working to sell Pal Al's gun supplies/firearms so we stopped by to say hello. I took some information on an all women's shooting group and education class. I've never really been interested in shooting firearms but Kenyon enjoys going to the outdoor range to shoot. So I might consider checking out their meeting.

We met up with my other sister Katie and my nieces to visit our grandmother who is in a hospital/care center while she recovers from a surgery procedure. She wasn't in the best spirits and I suspect she is just tired and wore out. We tried to make her feel better by taking photos of her and putting a mustache on her using Emma's mustache app. We also had a mini dance party and took some photos together.

Before we left for the gun show I started the crockpot with a broccoli beef recipe. It turned out pretty good.

I had plans to meet my girlfriends for tea at Joyful Tea in Garden City. It was so much fun. They serve your tea in actual tea pots and you drink from a tea cup. It is very affordable at just $5 for a regular size pot of tea and just $3 for a small size pot. We are sure to go back and do this again.

I met up with Kenyon for pizza at Blaze Pizza in Meridian. We were sent a free pizza coupon in the mail and thought we would try it out. It is just $7.55 for a 10 inch pizza with any toppings you want. It is fire-fast cooking and your pizza is ready is 180 seconds. It was really good pizza too. We will be back to visit for sure.

I caved on my commitment to reduce my sugar and went to USwirl for some froyo with Reese peanut butter cup. Boy did it hit the spot!

A few of my friends and I had been kicking around the idea of going downtown to The Balcony for the Star Wars party. I saw this advertised on FB and thought it would be fun to see all the costumes. Jamie has recently become obsessed with Star Wars since her little girls have taken an interest. A few of us met downtown at Pengilly's for a few drinks before heading to the Star Wars party.

Okay, I have to say that walking around downtown with Jamie wearing her Darth Vader costume is a huge dude-magnet. If any of my single friends want to meet a guy, just ask Jamie to be your wing-woman. We had so many men approach us wanting to try on the mask or take a photo with Jamie. It was hilarious. There was one other Darth Vader there that you could tell spent a lot of money on his costume. As we were leaving we saw the character from the new Star Wars movie (I didn't remember his name and I guess I won't ruin it for anybody that hasn't seen the movie).

I had a very enjoyable Saturday night. I'm working four hours of overtime today and thankfully I still have Monday off before I have to fully return to work for the week.

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