Don't Let Anybody Poo On Your Ice Cream

Good evening. I hope your Monday has come to an end and that it was a good start to your work week.

I started back at ISP today and the day/shift went really well. I've got to refresh on some policies and procedures and I'll have a trainer plugged in with me for at least this week. I dispatched for three hours today and it went really well. Hoping to get back to being on my own, settling into my team (I get to be back on DeLisa's team...yeah) and get back to normal. I am also looking forward to working some overtime and collecting some extra $$. I need to get a handle on my spending but I also want to earn some extra money for my savings account.

I am able to know my future schedule and start to do some planning. Kenyon and I will have times that we are on the same shift and times we are on opposite shifts. We will also have some days off together each week. That is a relief! We should be able to take our planned trip to NM for Kenyon's dad's 80th birthday and I'll put our cruise/NYC trip on the time off calendar in hopes of having enough vacation time built up in addition to some COMP time. Things are looking very promising.

I also wrapped things up with Nampa today with a chat over coffee with both Carmen and Beth. Carmen came with a gift, which is a bit odd since you think about me turning in my resignation letter. Each of the other dispatchers at Nampa PD have a letter of their first initial that is decorated differently. Both the new trainee Pam and I never got one. It turns out Carmen made a letter L for me and decorated with the poo emoji. It's been a running joke for months on if the emoji is poo or chocolate ice cream. Carmen feels that if you are positive you see it as chocolate ice cream and if you are negative you see it as poo. We gave Carmen a poo emoji pillow for Christmas and she gave each of us an ice cream scoop and ice cream fixings saying “don't let anybody poo on your ice cream.” My L was decorated with the same chocolate ice cream to make sure I know not to let anybody poo on my ice cream.

Carmen was hoping I would be hanging my L on my locker at Nampa PD. I let them know that I had been re-instated with ISP and that I wouldn't be returning to Nampa PD. She was very supportive and understanding. I think it was a bit of a relief to all of us to know that I have secured other employment and that I'm doing just fine. This is a phase in my life that was a big learning experience and I will take what I learned and grow because of it.  Thankfully my L fits inside my locker at ISP.

It's time to table all this crazy depressive work talk. I got on the scale at home today and it about shouted “mayday, mayday, mayday” to me. It is getting bad. So, I need to re-adjust my focus to healthy eating and activity so I can start taking care of Lindsay again.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and on about my work poo (ha). 

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