Friday On A Thursday

Good Morning.  Today is my Friday so I am super excited.  This week back at ISP has gone really smoothly and yesterday morning I passed all of my re-fresher training requirements.  I’m a full-fledged dispatcher again.  WhooooHoooo.  If I want, I have a four day weekend this weekend but I’m on the hunt for some OT.  I dont’t need extra money right now due to the payout of my built up personal leave/comp hours at Nampa PD, however, my spending the last few months has been a bit out of control so my savings account has taken a slight hit.  I’m also making $3 less an hour.  So, if there is OT to be worked, sign me up.

Some positives from my week:

I planned meals this week and STUCK TO THAT PLAN!  I fixed my lunch and snacks for work Monday through today and I planned crock pot meals so dinner was ready on Monday through Wednesday evenings.  Tonight after work I am going to a MS talk where there will be yummy food (and dessert…see below) served.  I have a few leftover items to get me through the next few days but I need to do some solid meal planning for next week.  I liked having dinner ready to go when we got home from work.

I went to Curves yesterday.  I planned to go to Curves every day after work.  However, I ended up having to stay late an extra hour to make up some time I took off during shift on Monday.  I almost talked myself out of it but had my bagged packed so I headed my car in that direction.

I love starting with the positives.

As far as all the other stuff that is going on right now with healthy eating and the WW program.  I haven’t been doing the program 100% but I do hear there are a lot of successes out there.  We all know if you DO the program then you WILL see results.  I’m struggling with the high SPV (Smart Points Value) of sugar.  It came up in conversation with my WW Buddies.  I am not sure why I can’t seem to get my brain to realize that even if I do have a sweet treat, which will cost me more SPVs, that I still need to track that sweet treat.  Instead, I don’t want to spend 15 SPV on a sweet treat but I still want the sweet treat.  So I eat it, don’t track it, then I stop tracking all together the next day.  It is sort of the mentality that if you don’t write it down, you didn’t eat it.  My sugar cravings this week have been OFF THE HOOK and I’ve been giving into my sweet tooth often.  Last night was pretty rough.  I thought about picking up a ice cream shake with Reese’s peanut butter cup on my way home from work to put in the freezer for after dinner.  I remembered I’ll be having dessert tonight at the MS talk so I continued right along.  It was all I could think about the rest of the evening.  I even started to rationalize that I could go to the Arctic Circle inside the Stinker Station and get a Powerball ticket at the same time.  Ugh.  Finally we just went to bed!  I am not sure what triggered it but I wanted sugar and I wanted it BAD.  I need to start working through the cravings (it hit yesterday afternoon after lunch too) and try to combat it with other avenues.  Perhaps have some fruit or chew some gum.  I just saw a suggestion for a rice cake with peanut butter.  Maybe that would help.

My friend Dawny gifted me the cookbook inside the new WW starter pack.  I was super excited because I heard it had single serving and two-serving meal ideas.  I’ve noticed now that I’ve gone through the cookbook that it is mostly fish and seafood items since they are lower in SP.  There is also a couple sections on desserts.  This is where things get really upsetting.  I noticed that any of the “good” desserts run about 6-10 SPV.  Most of the low SPV desserts were just fruit and yogurt.  It is sad that sweet treats really cost a fortune.  I guess like anything else that costs money you have to save up to buy it and when you do buy it, it really feels like a splurge.

I need to work hard to get my mojo back.  I don’t have an excuse now.  This week returning to ISP has been wonderful.  So, I can’t use stress eating as an excuse anymore.

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