Family Filled Weekend

I’m back at work this morning and the last two days off flew by so fast I wasn’t ready to come back to work.

Thursday night I met up with my friend Janet after work for dinner at Olive Garden, where Kenyon joined us after he got off work.  We were celebrating Janet’s exciting news that she was accepted for a specialist position at ISP.  She will be with the Commercial Vehicle Safety division.  I won’t get to work with her much unless I am on day shift but I’m sure we will still get together when we can outside of work.  After dinner we saw Captain America: Civil War.  It was a bit slow and there was a lot of talking.  But the action scenes were awesome.  I like the dark and mysterious side of Bucky so I really enjoyed the movie.  There were some twists so it kept us surprised a time or two.

Friday I had several errands to run and ended up having a pretty low key day.  I popped into the Curves in Nampa to get my membership transferred over.  They actually have some new equipment in Nampa vs. Boise so that was a nice treat.  Some of the new machines were better and some not as good. 


Regardless, I got in a good sweaty workout.


Kenyon and I stopped into the house on Friday evening.  The main portion of outside is finished and painted.  We are still waiting on the roof, fixtures, and stone.  The inside has sheet rock up.  The next step should be texturing the walls.  We are hoping to get our estimate soon on a possible closing date.  Keep your fingers crossed for August!

Saturday morning I woke up early to ride with my parents to Murphy for the annual Outpost Days event.  Grandpa was taking money for the breakfast so we picked him up on our way out.  After a delicious breakfast we walked around in the Owyhee County Historical Society museum and looked at the venders out on the lawn.


Why yes, that is a cane made with the hoof of an animal.  Yuck!

We didn’t stay long since we had two graduation parties to attend later in the day.  Mom and I were able to take in an afternoon movie and I’ve been dying to see Me Before You.  I didn’t read the book but my friend Danielle talked highly of it.  The movie was great.  Nothing like I expected and sad in a way I wasn’t expecting.  It was an excellent movie.  I loved Lou’s style.  She had so many fun colors and some amazing shoes.


We had two graduation parties to attend and three graduates to celebrate. 


I had so much fun spending the afternoon with my family and extended family.  It was wonderful to see everybody.  We have another graduation party next Sunday.  Yeah, more family time!

I’m running a bit slow today but I guess I had better get to work.

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