I Need More Daylight Hours

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?  When you are on the graveyard shift and asleep most of the daylight hours, I can be tough to squeeze in all you need to do before business closing time comes. 

I know some of my struggles lately has been with time management and fitting in the daily needs before I have to be to work.  On days off it is fitting it all in before the stores close for the day.  If we didn’t have to factor in the longer commute to/from my parent’s house, it might not feel more doable.

I ended up missing my WW meeting last Thursday due to the many errands we needed to run before all of the stores closed.  Since my WW meeting was in Nampa, it didn’t make sense to drive to Boise only to return to Nampa for my meeting just go back to Boise to finish up or errands.  So I made the decision to skip my meeting.  I made it to a Monday evening meeting thinking this might work better as I have to work that night.  This would free up a day off and make me feel less stressed to fit in a meeting and errands on days off.

We are at the point where our new house has officially been locked and we need to check a key in/out at the CBH office in order to get inside and continue to check up on the progress.  I am glad our house is locked and safe from theft and vandalism.  However, the CBH office hours aren’t as friendly to graveyard hours.   I mapped the route from my parent’s house, to the CBH office, to the new house, back to the CBH office, and then back to my parent’s house.  That was a round-trip of 1.5 hours, which doesn’t include the time spent at the new house looking it all over.  I get off work at 6am and have to be back to work at 8pm.  We usually sleep until 3:30pm.  Clearly we have to bump up the wake-up time to fit it all in.  When you add trying to get to Curves, which closes at 7pm, the drive time to/from there, and the time to get ready to go to work… oh man it sure does feel hectic!

When I am at work all night I do have use of the treadmill so that is a plus in my favor.  When I am at my parent’s house during a night off I miss having the treadmill and workout DVDs from our house.  In my own home, I am able to workout at midnight and not disrupt anybody.  I can still do a workout at my parent’s home as I am sure there is plenty on Amazon Prime.  Or better yet, I could buy a WATP DVD for my iPad.  I could put that to good use in the late night hours

Life will always seem hectic and while I’m used to navigating the graveyard shift pretty well and making it all work, I’ve not been displaced from my usual home environment.  I am working with Kenyon to come up with a way to fit it all in.  We actually contacted the CBH office and found out there is another way to check the key in/out so that was great news!  I am changing days off mid-July.  I guess we had better come up with a plan that works now and will work in a month from now.

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