When Old Becomes New Again

I have a blog post ready to go about trying to get a handle on better time management.  But today, I’m going to post about my WW meeting since I’m still running on my endorphin high.

I made a plan last night/early this morning that I would get to my Curves workout and a WW meeting before I had to go to work at 8pm.  The plan was a success.  It feels so good to be successful.

Just a little before 4pm I was out the door and on my way to Curves.  I had a good 25-minute workout and then rushed back home to shower and change before my 6pm WW meeting.  I ended up just squeaking in on time to the meeting after it took forever at Starbucks.  I ended up going to my “old” WW meeting at the Monday evening time slot in Nampa.  It isn’t at the same location where I started 10 years ago and it isn’t the same leader or members.  But, the energy was there.  It really did feel like coming home.  I recognized one member from my old WW days at Nampa and the new leader used to be a member with me as well during those old WW days.

I love the leader.  She is fun and energetic and really encouraging.  There are many new members but all seem really nice as well.  I feel like I have found my new WW home for a while.  Monday nights will be easy to get to while on graveyard and while I’m on day shift.  I think I still want to venture across town to my favorite Tuesday morning meeting when I am able to.  But, when I can’t be there, this Nampa evening meeting will be my resting place.  I also have the benefit of a Thursday night meeting when the occasional Monday holiday comes around (4th of July next week) and those times I work overtime.


I feel really good and really energized today.  I gained 1.8 pounds over the last three weeks but not even that can damper my mood.  I have had such high swings when it comes to weight gains that it feels successful to have gained less than a pound over the last three weeks.  That also included our trip to Pendleton.  Of course I want to turn that number around but as of today I’m not beating myself up.  So that too is a success.

I’m going to get a jump start on my activity by getting on the treadmill after midnight.  That will “officially” be Tuesday.  And then I’ll do the same on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when I get off work at 2am from my OT shift.  This will allow me to check off my activity for both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Keep is rolling….

I am also taking a break from sugar.  My sister’s birthday pizza party is on Wednesday.  I’ll decide then if I think I want some cake.  I just feel even more successful when I’m not bogged down by sugar and sweets.  It always comes down to having a little pep talk with yourself BEFORE you eat the yummy sweet treat.  I could use a lot more pep talks in my future that is for sure.

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