Focus On Today

Good Morning.  So far my day has started out well.  I’ve checked off three of my goals for the day.


Goals for today:

√ Pack tennis shoes to take to work

√ Take tennis shoes to work

√ Sit on the side with the treadmill at work

Walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill at work

Stand up at least once an hour

Do 10 squats per hour


I have also stood for two of my 10-hour shift and completed 20 squats already.  I plan to walk on the treadmill sometime during my shift for 30 minutes.  As long as I burn a total of 300 movement calories, I’ll have completed all of my circles on my Apple Watch today.  I’ll also have completed 100 squats by the end of my workday. Gooooo Team!

The WW meeting last night was a good boost to my system.  I really liked the group of gals; however, I’ll be working overtime on Tuesday nights as that works better with mine and Kenyon’s schedule.  So, I’ll be attending the Thursday night meeting instead.  Both nights are taught by Natalie, who is awesome, so it will be enjoyable to see her each week.  I hope to be able to click with the Thursday night group over these next 12-weeks. 

My WI was actually better than I expected.  I had visions that I’d be well over 260 pounds.  The burn was still pretty bad but feels manageable.  I weighed-in at 251.2 pounds.  This is the highest weight I have been since reaching my goal weight in March of 2009.  I have officially gained back 76 of the 130 pounds I once lost.  It is very sobering to look at the numbers.  Obviously you can’t ignore the large amount of weight I have put back on my body when looking at me or looking at photos.

I’ve had some WW Buddies reach out that they are worried about me.  Really, I am okay.  While I have lost my way, I’m not at a cliff ready to jump off and end it all.  I promise.  I keep having visions of being the comeback kid that turns around the losing streak and wins the game.  Or when you place a maximum bet at the slot machines and win big.  In my mind, it is doable and my journey is not over.  I just have to take that winning attitude in my mind and make it a reality.

So for today, we focus on a few goals.  Tomorrow, we start again.

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Dawny said...

YAY for not as 'bad' as you envisioned... I hope that the re-connection with the like minded group is what you need to feel motivated and inspired =-)
I think it's really great that you are embracing the future, and are realizing that it is what it is, and you can do something to turn the truck around, but that you just have to do it.
I personally anticipate that your exercise will trickle over to a bit of healthier eating =-) usually... the two tend to go together... and the way you will feel from your success will be WORTH it all as you know