Update On New Build: Inside Pant & A Finish Date Estimate

We got our projected completion date from CBH Homes.  Our new house is expected to be done on August 4th….in just seven more weeks.  Oh my that is exciting! 

We also learned that there is a slight delay in actually closing on the house after the finish date.  Bummer.  Even though I am anxious to get our own space back again, the projected closing date of August 19th should work out well.  We have a trip to Salt Lake City planned at the end of August and so now we can now take time off to move and just roll that into our SLC trip.  This allows Kenyon and I to be on day shift earlier than planned and not have to re-adjust our sleep.
While we were in Pendleton, crews were busy starting on the inside of the house completing the finishing work that will make the house look pretty.  They were putting in the moldings, shelves, and doors.  On Friday they started the indoor paint on the moldings and doors.  This week they competed the rest of the painting inside the house.


Good news…we no longer have a cord in our dining room.  Now it is just a hole.  Thankfully we won’t have our air conditioner compressor inside our dining room after all.  Yippie.


Last week we ran into a bit of a snag that had Kenyon talking about walking away and me in tears thinking I was going to lose out on this house I have come to love so much.  In this case, the issue was with the shower stall in our master bathroom.  We paid extra to have an upgraded tile walk in shower in lieu of a bathtub in the master bathroom.  During our design studio appointment, our CBH representative asked if we wanted to add a built in shower shelf to one side of the wall.  Doing so would come in handy for storing our shower products so we decided to go ahead and do it.

During the framing process I noticed the shower stall didn’t have a shelf yet.  I didn’t think that was really odd as it wasn’t time for the tile part.  Kenyon thought we should have seen it in the framework and so we passed it along to our realtor.  CBH came back to say it will be framed out at a later time.  But, what we didn’t realize is that in order to put in the shower shelf, a double wall had to be built into the area of the shower stall and that would reduce the width by another 4 inches. 

Kenyon has been pretty unhappy thinking we will lose another four inches of width in the shower stall.  It is feeling fairly comfortable at its current size.  After not getting anywhere but more frustrated with CBH about the information we received, we went out to the house and took measurements.   The width of the shower stall is currently 38.5 inches.  That seems comfortable to Kenyon.  In order to put in the shower shelf by building the double wall, our comfortable shower stall would now feel a bit tight to Kenyon once it was reduced to 34.5 inches.

What we didn’t realize until we sent this information over to CBH is that the double wall was already in place.  We thought they would still have to build a double wall.  If they did have to build that double wall, we had planned to just scrap the shelf if CBH would let us.  That is when we finally realized we were all talking about the same issue but while CBH thought it was about the shelf itself that was a problem, it was actually the width of the shower stall.  Now that we know the double wall is already in place, we are still able to have the shower shelf AND not lose any more width than the current size.  CBH is also going to give us $500 off for all the trouble and unhappiness.  So...it's a win/win, for now.  I’m pretty sure Kenyon won’t be giving CBH any glowing recommendations in the future.

I hope we won’t have a constant black cloud looming over the remainder of this home building process.  I feel like this new house has all the features we are looking for and it is in a great location. 

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