Update On New Build: Garage Door & Wall Texturing

We checked in on the new house after we got off work this morning.  Since we are headed to Pendleton for the new few days, we will check back in on the progress on Thursday.  We are really hoping we hear more on a possible finish date later this week.

Early last week they finished up the roof and put in the garage door.  They also taped the sheet rock and put up the metal pieces that make the rounded corners.  After that though, we didn’t see anything that had changed by Thursday or Friday.

I was really happy to pop in yesterday and see that the wall texturing had started. 

Dining Room looking into the Living Room

Stair Well

Bonus Room/Loft

Looking from the garage down the hall to the Living Room

Looking from the Living Room down the hall to the garage

We seem to still have a cord in our dining room.  Hmmmmm…not sure what is going on with that exactly.  It seems like it will be more work now to have to rip into both the inside and outside walls to put the cord where it belongs.  Then you have to patch, re-texture, and re-paint that spot.  I have no idea who is running this ship but they don’t seem to be 100% on top of it.

My neighbor’s house has landscaping.  I can’t remember if she told me she was due to close on June 19th or July 19th.  I hope she will be closed on her house soon.  It will be fun to see her when we visit the house daily.  Plus, I’m dying to get inside and see what her finished house looks like.

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