My One And Only: Book Three Of Ardent Springs Series

I’d been hanging onto the third installment of Terri Osburn’s series, Adrent Springs for a few weeks now.  I’m not sure what the hold up was because I knew as soon as I started the book that I wouldn’t be able to put it down.  Due to some slow nights at work and lots of hours to read, I finished it in record time.

But that is easy to do with Teri Osburn’s books.

In book three of Ardent Springs My One And Only, we get to interact with main characters Cooper and Haleigh.  We met Cooper in books one and two but she only briefly mentioned Haleigh.  I had been curious to know more of her back story.  Boy did Terri give her a good backstory.

As with the other two Ardent Spring books and all four of the Anchor Island books, the sizzle and chemistry between the two main characters is written so vividly.  It is like you can feel the sexual tension radiating off the pages of the book.  I think the strong connection you feel between the two main characters is also what makes her books hard to put down.

As with any good book/series….I’m left waiting for the next one. 

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