Random Saturday Night Luau Fun

Thanks to those that commented or reached out to me via email after my last blog post.  Sometimes I can get deep inside my head and feel miserable.  Weight loss and maintenance is at least 50% mental if not more.  If I would just take action vs. thinking about it, I’d have much better progress.

I went for a walk this afternoon before I left for work.  It was 90 degrees out and took forever to cool down.  The one downer to living with my parents is that their house is HOT.  I’m always sweating to death after my shower.  I walked in my old childhood neighborhood and did the full outer loop to check the mileage.  It was 1.47 miles.  I will see about weaving in/out some of the inner streets to increase my mileage next time.  My parents also live close to a park that has a great walking path.  It felt good to be active.  I could tell pretty quickly my cardio is lacking.  It was a tough workout.

We had a really fun time on Saturday night at Brenda’s annual Luau Party.  I have recently reconnected with my old friend Brenda (and I don’t mean old…I mean a friend I met 10 years ago).  I also invited Danielle and Phoenix and I’m glad I did.  We didn’t know anybody other than Brenda so our little group had a great time chatting, eating, drinking, eating some more, and drinking some more.  I had Kenyon be our DD for the evening and we picked up both Danielle and Phoenix.


I made a really yummy Mai Thai to bring to the party that was a big success.  It was a recipe I got from a friend of Kenyon’s that brought it to our last Hawaiian Party.  It was once again delicious and I’m going to make this one of my regular party drinks.  I’ll share the recipe with you this week. 

I am back at work through Tuesday.  I will have Wednesday and Thursday off with Kenyon this week so I am already looking forward to my weekend.

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