Will Power Roller Coaster

My week started out strong but my will power has wavered a bit through this week.  I got off work early on Friday night/Saturday morning and went to the grocery store for some much needed healthy foods.  I prepared healthy food for work on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday I was at work feeling fat and frumpy in my overly snug work pants.  I was pretty down on myself so I got out my WW journal and started writing down some of those feelings.  I wrote: “I’m sick and tired of being fat.  CHANGE SOMETHING.” 

After writing that down it pushed me to be more accountable to myself.  If I don’t change something, I’ll never need the desired results I seek.  I asked my partner to listen to my channels so I could get my tennis shoes from the car and walk on the treadmill.  I got in a 30-minute walk and logged some activity, which according to my Apple Watch, it has been since June 3rd.  Later in the evening the topic of conversation was dinner options and if anybody was going to eat out.  I had brought some chicken and a side salad from home but for some reason I was feeling that itch to eat out.  I remembered my mantra of “change something” so I immediately got my food from the work fridge so I wasn’t tempted to eat out.  After all, if I had time to think if I really needed to eat out, the answer was NO.

I have not zoned in on my new mantra as much as I could have this week.  I made a plan for additional activity but as the week went on, that didn’t happen.  I also let being tired get the best of my yesterday and gave in to some food temptations.  I’m still feeling a bit tired today and I am on the last day of my six-day work stretch.  I packed my tennis shoes for work and snagged the side of the room with the console treadmill.  The only other coworker that uses the treadmill just happens to be set up on it today.  Doh!  I’ll see if later we could share the wealth.  I’ve also packed a salad for my lunch today and have yogurt and strawberries for my snack later in the shift/early morning.
I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  I need sleep!  I do plan to attend my WW meeting tomorrow night.  Having to face the scale is never easy.  But for me it is important.  We don’t have a scale at my parent’s house and I need that extra accountability

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