Full Length Mirrors & The Terror They Cause

All it takes in one full length mirror to suck all the confidence out of you.


During our trip to Pendleton, the Wildhorse Resort & Casino had a mirrored elevator.  That is fun…NOT!  A person can get pretty good at avoiding the weight-gain situation until either A) you see a photo of yourself or B) you have to walk in front of a full length mirror.


What is even sadder is that I always have good intentions of making healthy food choices and getting in some daily activity.  Take this last week for example.  I was thinking that once I get myself changed over to graveyard, I’ll start getting up early so I can hit up Curves during the weekdays and get out for some walks on the weekends.  However, somewhere along the way though my motivation dwindles.


But if you just set yourself in front of a full length mirror…instant motivation!  I was telling Kenyon that we will get ourselves back on track after vacation.  Just like we say we will at the start of every week.  Talk about poor accountability to each other.

To add insult to injury I skipped my WW meeting last week.  I want to strive to re-create healthy habits to include going to my weekly meeting and getting good use out of my Curves membership.  My priorities are all out of whack and they have been for a while now.

I am taking a prescription called Meloxicam for my back pain.  My friend Jamie recommended it as she was finding some relief from her back pain.  It is prescribed for patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  I was hoping that it might help with some inflammation and allow me to sleep better.  My endocrinologist was very encouraging in prescribing the medication as he thinks sleep is linked to everything.  I am starting to think that after a week and a half the medication is starting to help.  I am not sure if I am doing less tossing and turning but it feels like it.  On our first night in Pendleton, I was able to sleep on my stomach.  That hasn’t happened in quite a while.  And as of late it has been difficult to sleep on my back (which I miss).  I think that has also improved.

My hopes is that my back pain would be a lot better that I would feel rested and less tired.  Obviously, a person who is off track (ahem…me) can use any excuse avoid the healthy habits and prolong the unhealthy habits.  One of my WW Buddies was posting on our FB page her success at the scale after a week of 100% tracking and avoiding the tempting foods that derail her.  It was really energizing.  I know if I just get back on track and stop wishing things were better that I’d feel that exact same energy.  It is addicting to be on track and to see that scale coming down.

So….this Thursday…NO EXCUSES!  I’m going to my meeting.  AND, I’m going to get some activity in this week as well as get back to tracking.  I’ll report back.

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