I am so sorry.  I didn’t mean to leave this space blank for so many days.  The transition from day shift to night shift is usually uneventful and involves a lot of sleepy time/lazy time and very little time on the computer.  So, please forgive me.

I wish I could say I was out having a ton of fun while I was away but that wasn’t quite the case.  Wednesday night I had a MS talk/dinner to attend at Cottonwood Grille so I also planned a meet-up with some of my gal pals ahead of time for some happy hour drinks.  Cottonwood Grille has a great happy hour.  Phoenix, Danielle, and I were the first early ones.  Teresa, Julie, and Julie’s co-worker Roxie met us a little later.  The bad part of getting to happy hour early is you (ahem, me) has more time to drink more.  Not the best plan.  Thankfully I still had a dinner to attend and time to sober up before I drove home.

The meal at Cottonwood is usually the same and I always get the chicken and mashed potatoes.  Once again, it didn’t disappoint.  We even got the “good” dessert options and I selected the berry cobbler.  It also didn’t disappoint.  I met Kenyon at the house afterwards but we couldn’t really see where they did any work.  It is a bit disappointing.  I stopped in today and also didn’t see any additional work.  I’m not sure why the slow-down.  I hope we see progress next week.

Thursday was pretty uneventful too.  I had an appointment to get my nails done with a Jamberry consultant whom I know.  Jamberry is a nail wrap for your nails in lieu of polish.  It was really fun getting to visit with Jenny Collins while she did my nails and showed me how to properly apply the nail wraps.  I am hooked and proceeded to buy some nail wraps and a warmer as you have to heat them up to apply them to your nails.  I’m going to host a party once we get into our new house so I can show all my friends the fun world of Jamberry nails.


Kenyon and I were pretty lazy both Wednesday and Thursday night and I didn’t stay up very late either night.  I am not very good at staying up all night at home and ended up falling asleep on the couch while watching TV.  Even though we didn’t really do much, it was really nice to have time with Kenyon.  For the next five weeks we will have Wednesdays and Thursdays off.  Next week we are going to go back to the casino in Pendleton for a quick mid-week get away.  I’m looking forward to it.

I didn’t make it to my meeting on Thursday.  I knew I should have and I want to re-build that habit of going each week, regardless of if I’ll have a loss or not.  I’ve not cleaned up my eating as much as I need to so I know that played a part in my decision not to attend.  I’m not sure if I’ll attend next Thursday.  It will depend on when we get back to town.  I’ll for sure have a gain with it being right after our weekend getaway.

I am going to work on re-building the activity habit as well.  I hope to get myself re-adjusted to night shift over this work week and then can start to wake up in enough time to get in some activity.

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