California Adventures Day Two

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Day Two was just as jammed packed as day one.  We knew when we chose a hotel near the Los Angeles area that we would have to plan around traffic.  Holy cow is traffic crazy!  It is sort of like when we visited Florida.  When you put your location into the GPS, it is only eight miles away but takes 20 minutes.  I have no desire to live in California.  P.S., CA drivers are CRAZY insane and super unsafe.  I can only imagine the traffic complaints generated each day to the local police organizations.  No Thank You!

While it was snowing and cold in Boise…I was looking at palm trees out the bathroom window.  Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.

We had a later start on day two since we didn’t have anywhere we actually had to be.  Kenyon wanted to see the Endeavour Space Shuttle that was on display at the California Science Center so that was first on the agenda.  I have to say that I am not a science person but I do enjoy space/airplane museums.  As we weaved through the science displays headed towards the space display I couldn’t help me think, “Why do you have to look at all this science stuff before you get to the good stuff.”  Yep, not a science person.  But once you got to the space stuff, it was well worth it.


Our second stop of the day was Warner Bros Studio in Burbank for the basic studio tour.  I was hoping I could get tickets to see the Ellen Show but they were all sold out.  We found out on our tour that there were tickets to see Conan O’ Brien and join the audience for the afternoon taping.  Kenyon didn’t really want to go and I wasn’t thrilled with the guest appearance (Molly Shannon was the only one I knew).  I wished it was going to be somebody that interested Kenyon because I really wanted to go.  Sadly, we didn’t see any celebrities on our tour either.

We arrived at the parking lot about an hour before our tour was to begin so we took advantage of the food trucks outside for a quick bite.  The owner of Richeeze! Melts gave us a free order of fries upon learning this was our first visit.  The same thing happened later that evening at dinner at Scarantino’s Italian Inn when the waiter offered their spumoni on the house.  Californians are friendly people (despite being poor drivers).


The basic tour was two hours and took us around the lot to various places were your favorite TV and movies over the years have been filmed.  Our tour guide pointed out different movie scenes we might know.  It made me want to go back and watch the TV/movies she discussed. 


We were able to get out and walk around at a few locations and eventually visited Studio 29 where they were currently shooting the TV show Lethal Weapon.  Now I want to watch that so I can see the places we visited (no photos were allowed inside there).


The tour ended at Studio 48 where you can see the actual set of Friends, which was taped on the Warner Bros lot and after filming wrapped, they moved the set so tourists can go in and look at it.  We got lucky in that there weren’t a ton of people waiting for photos and we were able to spend as much time as we wanted there. 


We also looked at various other movie/TV items and I was able to hold a real Academy Award.  It was a serious event and I had to take off my rings and hold it with two hands.


We visited a Central Perk coffee shop/café where you could order drinks and dessert.  I also bought some Central Perk coffee mugs to take home with me.


Later that evening while we were having dinner I heard a conversation at the table next to me.  Apparently the older gentleman was a close relation to Carson Daly.  So that was as close as I was getting a celebrity during our stay in California.

Up next, back to Las Vegas…

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