The Cycle Of Being Lindsay

I got my act into gear yesterday and cleaned up my food intake. I can't seem to zone in on the reason why I'm having such a difficult time getting over my current mental hurdle. Maybe it has been the same mental hurdle that I've been struggling with for a while.

The cycle is the same:
Get on track
Feel better
Lose weight
Get off track
Feel like crap
Gain weight
Feel even worse

I'm hoping others can relate and that it isn't just me. At our WW meeting last week we had a shiny new WW member all full of energy and positivity. Boy do I miss those days (and that positive motiving energy). Our leader Gretchen asked how many of us have lost our spark. I wasn't the only one that raised my hand. When I hear a new member share all their positive experiences I find myself drinking in all the amazing energy and remembering how great it felt when I was a new member. That type of energy radiates and like a drug and you can't wait to take it all in. Maybe that is why I was so successful with weight loss in those early years. I was drinking the water of success.

Getting the spark back, especially mentally, has been really difficult for me. I journaled in my WW food journal yesterday and I literally wrote “get your act together.” Sometimes we need to give ourselves a harsh pep talk! I was motivated to get back on track. And as I mentioned in the cycle above, I feel better today. When I make my mind up, I can follow through. I declined when my coworker was going to Sonic for her “food run.” If I had not had this pep talk with myself nor gotten back on track, I would have considered getting an ice cream treat.

Many times I've tired and many times I've failed. Many times I've told myself isn't about being perfect. Many times I've wanted to make better food choices only to cave a moment later. This mental hurdle feels like a big one. I struggle with how to get over it so I can continue my string of successful days turning them into successful weeks, months, and years.

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