Tips For Navigating Holiday Parties & Social Situations

It is that time of year where we find ourselves at several different parties with an assortment of delicious looking food, sweets, and alcohol in front of us.  Work parties, family traditions, Christmas, New Years…it all adds up quick.  Here are some tips for navigating those holiday parties so you don’t feel miserable the next day.

Always make a plan ahead of time:  There is nothing worse than being at a social event and caving to all the temptation in front of you.  If your holiday party is at a restaurant and you have an idea of what will be served ahead of time, make a plan on what is worth spending the points on and what isn’t.  I know sometimes you can’t plan ahead because you don’t know what will be there.  So make a plan to perhaps only consume a maximum of two alcohol drinks.  Or enjoy only one holiday dessert or treat.  If you know your Great Aunt Mary Ann’s chocolate pie will be served at Christmas dinner, then plan on a small sliver.  After all, it only comes once a year!  Whatever you plan is, the purpose of having a plan is that it gets you thinking ahead of how you can navigate your social situation and not feel deprived.

Find balance: If I know there are a lot of social situation coming up, I try and break it down week by week and plan it out so I can balance it all.  I make sure that I am eating healthy food and getting in exercise on the days I don’t have a social obligation.  This will ensure that my high point days are balanced with my low point days.  You don’t have to kill yourself or restrict so you feel deprived.  Just balance in a way that makes you feel good in your pants this holiday season.

Remember it isn’t all about the food (or alcohol): Social situations tend to revolve around food and alcohol.  No matter how many times I’ve been told I should do things with my friends that don’t involve food, it is just that way.  Don’t forget the social part of the social outing.  Sit farthest from the appetizers or the dessert table so you aren’t as tempted to indulge when what you really want is to spend time with your family and friends.  Often people conjure around the food so I like to take my glass of wine into the living room and conjure there for a visit instead.  If I don’t want to waste my points on the pre-party food, I chew on a strong piece of gum.  Nothing tastes good when you have strong peppermint in your mouth…including water!

Don’t bother with store bought: My rule of thumb for social gatherings is – if it is homemade, it with always worth the points.  I’m not going to waste my time on foods that I can get anytime of the year.  Since I only have turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing two times a year, I’m going to be spending some extra points on that for sure.  Just because the Reeses comes in a holiday colored wrapping doesn’t mean it tastes any different than the Reeses do any other day.  Make your points count.

When all else fails, wing it: There are those cases in which you just have to wing-it.  When you do, make sure you enjoy whatever it is you decide to eat and drink.  Leave the guilt at the door and make sure the points values are truly worth it.  Social situations should make you happy.  Don’t torture yourself.

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