Mostly Lazy Lindsay

I'd like to say it has been a busy few days but really I am taking full advantage of my three days off....and being lazy!

Working night shift means staying up all night on days off so I've been doing quite a bit of TV watching. I signed up for a 30-day free Netflix trail membership so I could watch Fuller House. I got through those 13 episodes pretty quickly so now I am working my way through two seasons of Frankie & Grace. After that I'll start in on Gilmore Girls. Hey, when there isn't much to do after everybody goes to bed, you fill your time with TV.

We also had Snowmageddon from Tuesday through Wednesday and we were pounded with snow. By now it has turned to rain so the snow is now melting. However, rain turns to ice and thus makes our work nights pretty tough. Our poor troopers in just the Boise metro area worked 97 crashes last week. Boise drivers don't do snow/ice/winter weather very well.

Since I stayed in all day yesterday, my neighbor invited me over for an afternoon chat. I made a Mexican layered bean dip and also brought over cheese, crackers, and beer. It was nice to have a social outing that didn't involve driving in the snow.

I made it to curves on Tuesday. My Wednesday activity was snow shoveling. I've yet to determine what my Thursday activity will be since I had errands to run all day today and won't make it to Curves before they close. I have new kickboxing video to try out at-home. So maybe I'll plan that and report back in a blog post.

I'm working on a post about my new Lipsense lipstick so I can make sure all my party-goers know what it is all about. I am hosting a party in January and looking forward to maybe earning a free lip color too.

Happy (almost) Friday to you all.

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