Week Wrap-Up: 100% Tracking & The Absence Of Treats

Well, it’s now the day after Christmas.  What a whirlwind of a day!  I guess we can now look forward to welcoming 2017.

We got pounded with snow earlier in the week and I’ve been getting stuck in our neighborhood.  I got really stuck on Christmas morning when I was driving home from work at 6am.  As is, I had to be up at 11am so my sleep window was already on the small side.  I called Kenyon and we discussed ways to try and get unstuck (he was at work) and I considered calling a tow truck.  After hiking to the house to get a shovel and trying to dig, I got nowhere and I called Kenyon in tears.  My amazing husband was pulling up behind me.  He had left work to come help me and I was so thankful to see him.  All I needed was a push and I made it into our driveway.  We did some shoveling to make sure I could get out later to make to my family event later that day.  Thank goodness I was able to get out again and so far I’ve not had any more problems.  Fingers crossed I get back home okay today.

I enjoyed seeing my extended family so much.  The family Christmas party is a lot of work but so worth it.  We had a lighter than usual crowd since others were having issues getting out of their driveways as well.  (STUPID SNOW).  I got a call from my supervisor that I could come in late so thankfully I was able to grab a quick nap before work.  I didn’t sleep well so I am looking forward to a full night (days) sleep when I get home.  I just have to make it through my shift later tonight and then I am off for the next four days.

So…that positive part of my week is that I have tracked 100% all week!  I am pretty close to using all my WSPA and I might even go over slightly.  But, it is all tracked.  I am most proud that I had NO desserts/treats/candy this week.  Yeeehaaaw!  I’ll be honest in that I started the week of taking a break from treats but not sure how I would navigate our Christmas festivities.  On Friday I made myself some orange sugar-free jello salad with mandarin oranges, cool whip, and cottage cheese.  As excited as I was for it, it just tasted too “rich” when I ate some and ended up not eating anymore.  I think it was the whip cream.  Although it was sugar-free, I think it was just too much.  I much preferred just cottage cheese and mandarins, which I’ve been eating this week as well.

Yesterday was just a crazy and hectic day.  I was running around at the Christmas party making sure this and that was tended to.  I hardly ate any of my chip and bean dip appetizer and for the dinner portion I loaded my plate with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some sweet potato casserole.  I’ll tell ya, that casserole was super sweet and left me feeling like I’d had enough sugar that I wasn’t even tempted by the dessert table.  I walked by it several times but never really stopped to survey nor did I indulge.  I didn’t feel deprived and I feel really great about my decision to skip it.

I just had such a wonderful successful week that I am so hoping it will show at the scale.  I know that my efforts may not be reflected but I sure do want it to.  My meeting is on Tuesday this week.  I still have a few leftover meals from last week but I need to get more meal plans/prep in place so I can keep this momentum going.  Being off work for that four-day stretch can sometimes make my food choices sway.  Making sure I have food on hand at home helps as does tracking.  Tracking really, really keeps me on track. 

I wasn’t disciplined in the activity area last week but I still met my Apple Watch Activity goal (380 calories) each day.  I got signed up with my personal trainer and I plan to sign up at the gym where he works.  So hopefully this week I can carve some time for activity.  I do plan to spend as much time with Kenyon.  His birthday is New Years Eve.  We are going to celebrate on Thursday.  I’m sure there will be some high point foods in my week but I just have to track it, make sure it is worth it, and plan accordingly.

Onward we go…

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