Noticeable Differences From Being Heavy Vs. Thin

There are definitely some noticeable things about being heavy vs. being thin:

When I was heavy, I sweated A LOT.  When I got thin I was cold all the time.  Now that I am heavy again I noticed I am more prone to sweating.  I still have my moments when I am cold but sometimes my extra insulation makes getting ready for work and putting my make up on tough.  If I have coffee + a hot shower, forget it.  It takes me forever to cool down.  I swear I am not of the menopause age but sometimes I want to fan myself like a middle-aged woman does.


I didn’t realize how much I missed crossing my legs until I had lost enough weight to cross them all the time.  Now that I have re-gained some weight, crossing my legs isn’t as easy. 

I felt it was hard to shop when I was heavy and also equally hard to shop when I was thin.  I kid you not I feel like I am always in the middle size range of the rest of the women in this world as I always struggle to find the right size.  One thing is for certain, shopping is a lot more fun when you are thin.  But then you just spend a lot more money too.

Mobility is less restrictive when you are thin vs. when you are heavy.  I also notice my feet tire easily now than they did when I was thin.  That was also almost eight years ago so there could be a parallel there.  I can get up off the floor better than my pre-WW days and I have no trouble climbing stairs.  Good thing since we moved into a two story house.
I feel bad sitting next to somebody at a movie theater or on an airplane now that I am heavy again.  It was easier to be in the middle seat on the airplane when I was thin.


I used to feel like I fit in more when I was thin.  Now sometimes I feel like I'm the “fat friend” again.  Good thing I’m cool as shit so that part doesn’t really matter.

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