From California To Nevada

On our third day we loaded up in the car and drove back to Las Vegas.  There isn’t much to see along the drive between Nevada and California nor are there many places to stop.  We had a terrible time trying to get out of town this morning due to a suspicious package being thrown from a vehicle onto Interstate 210 near a metro station stop.  The day before there was a bomb threat called in at the Universal Studios metro station so the city was on high alert.  Apparently somebody had thrown what ended up being a coat onto the freeway near the Lake metro station which caused an entire shut down of I-210 and made for a nightmare trying to get anywhere.  We ended up driving in a circle and then heading north before we ended up going east.  It took about five hours to get to Vegas and since I am not a fan of road trips, I was happy to be there.  We stopped in Baker, CA at the Mad Greek for a fresh strawberry shake.  That made the drive more manageable.

We checked into our room at the Palace Station Hotel off the strip.  My sister Katie and I stayed here 11 years ago when we visited Las Vegas for the first time.  It was a pretty good casino and prices are cheaper when you get off the strip as our buffet was only $8.99 each.  Kenyon also won over $100 on the first game he sat down to play.  I’m talking like first game and first spin!  Crazy.

The main attractions on our list for Vegas this trip was the Linq High Roller and the conservatory at Bellagio.  I bought our tickets for the High Roller on GroupOn and got the tickets with the all-you-can-drink “party pod”.  This meant that for the entire 30-minute rotation of the High Roller ferris wheel, I got to drink all I could fit into that timeframe.  Talk about an awesome idea and a bad idea both at the same time!

We really enjoyed the High Roller and the views from the top were amazing.  The High Roller is a large ferris wheel where you step onto a large pod and rotate very slowly for a 30-minute full rotation.  You hardly even feel yourself moving.

We ended up getting into a really fun “party pod” with some really fun “party people” and my poor husband was the only non-drinker.  When I asked for a diet Pepsi for him the bar tender said, “just the Pepsi?”  Yep.  Just the Pepsi.  I was thankful Kenyon was with me for the remainder of the night because I happened to drink five mixed drinks and three shots during that 30-minute rotation.  Oh my!

Once our full rotation was complete we walked to Bellagio to see the quarterly flower exhibit in their conservatory.  As usual, it did not disappoint. 

We ended up walking for a bit and then catching a cab back to our hotel.  My feet have not walked as much as we did over our entire vacation in a long time.  I had wished our time in Vegas was longer since I really do love visiting.  But, I am glad we ventures to California during this trip.  I can’t wait for our next vacation!
Oh, one last thing.  While we were at the airport waiting for our flight home, I put some of Kenyon's winnings into the slot machine I won big on the last visit to Vegas.  Sadly, I wasn't winning.  Kenyon encouraged me to scoot over one machine and I won $258.  Thank you Kenyon!

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