Fun With Friends And Family

I've been squeezing in some fun on my days off during the hours the rest of the world is awake. On Wednesday, a classmate/friend was in town from Oregon so another classmate/friend organized a group get together at Carl's Jr. so the play area would the kids entertained. The group got smaller as the day neared but I still managed to see three of my classmates.

Next to me is Suzie, then Allyson, and Jenn. 

Suzie and Allyson were in band with me and we all played clarinet. I actually grew up with Allyson as we lived in neighborhoods across from each other. It would have been wonderful to see the others and we had a great time talking about our high school days as our 20th reunion nears. I've not seen Suzie since high school as I wasn't able to attend our last reunion. I'm actually thinking I'll join the planning committee for our next one. I'm good at parties so why not.

On Thursday I organized a group to freeze to death go see the Christmas light display in downtown Caldwell. There was a crash on the interstate that had backed up traffic for several miles coupled with the usual commuter evening traffic back up. My poor friends sat in traffic of hours and I felt awful. After we did a quick loop around the lights (temps were in the teens with fog) we met at Shari's for hot chocolate and pie...my treat! Despite the cold, we had a great time.

Yesterday I took the night off and we celebrated Kenyon's birthday.  It was pretty low key due to it being so cold (our temps are in the single digits and the negatives).  We had a date night at Texas Roadhouse.  I've been craving ribs so the craving was satisfied.  It was delicious.  I didn't get a photo of us on our date night but I snapped one before I headed off to work.  Kenyon's actual birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Kenyon!

And Happy New Year to you all.  Please don't drink and drive!

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